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The Whiz Kid

Freddie Figgers likes to tinker. Actually, he tinkers with electronics, but he has a knack for computers. The 15-year old can take a computer apart and put it back together if he needs to. Mainly, when Netquincy customers bring their computers in for repairs, Freddie might be one of three technicians to make the repairs. He estimates that he has repaired almost 20 computers since he started with the City of Quincy in late July. One customer who brought her computer in early Tuesday found out the problem quickly. “Oh, she just had a virus and her hard drive was corrupted,” he said matter of factly. So just how did Freddie fix the computer? “The first thing I did was a virus scan and then I installed a service pack, that will prevent any other viruses from attacking the computer,” he said. The department has a checklist for every computer that comes in for repairs, and when he finishes he goes over each checklist item to make sure everything is operating properly. Not one of the computers Freddie has repaired has been returned for further work.