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Baby Abandoned In Dumpster Grows Up To Be Founder & CEO Of $62 Million Company.


Where we start in life doesn’t have to determine where we’ll go. We all have the potential for greatness. We just have to recognize it.

Few people understand this better than Freddie Figgers. Shortly after giving birth, Freddie’s mother abandoned him, leaving the baby in a dumpster. But he didn’t let his rough beginning define him. In fact, Freddie has become an incredible role model for success at 29 years old.

At two days old, Freddie was adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers, whose love and support made all the difference for him growing up. Freddie had a knack for tinkering from a young age, and proved to be surprisingly intelligent for a little boy. At nine, he received his first computer. It didn’t work, but that didn’t discourage Freddie. He had it up and running after fixing it himself, and went on to nab his first job as a computer technician at 12.

At 15, Freddie started his own cloud computing services. The idea came to him when an Alabama car dealership lost all their customer files after a tornado hit. To prevent this from happening again, Freddie helped them back up their information on a remote server… from his own backyard.