Freddie Figgers

Freddie Figgers is an American Inventor, software engineer, telecom entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Figgers Communication, The Figgers Foundation, and FiggHealth. Freddie Figgers always had a passion for innovation and technology and at an early age Freddie Figgers developed several successful inventions, help his father battle with the Dementia Alzheimer’s disease, Freddie built a shoe with a GPS tracker with two-way communication to track his father. When he was 15 years old, Freddie started a cloud computing services company. At the age of 16 years, Freddie started Figgers Communication. Freddie Figgers has made it his life passion to changing and making the world a better place.


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Figgers Communication is an American telecommunications company and cellular phone manufacturer based in Florida. It provides cellular, mobile broadband, home phone and international calling services.

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Figgers Wireless is an American telecommunications company that offers wireless products and services. It is a division of Figgers Communication.

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Figgers Foundation is an American private foundation that bring awareness and provide solutions to a number of real life issues that so many face everyday globally.

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FiggHealth is an American Healthcare technology manufacture that aims at improving the living standard of chronic health for blood sugar remote monitoring systems by introducing them to all innovative technology.

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FiggCash is an American financial technology and virtual bank.

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Figgers Electronics is an American multinational consumer electronics manufacturing company.

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Figgers Technologies is an American multinational technology and consulting company.

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Figgers Real Estate is an American real estate holding company, with a diverse portfolio from residential, multi families and commercial shopping centers.

Freddie's Focus Areas

Figgers Communication

A leading provider of low cost communications services connecting families and businesses nationally and internationally, serving over 3M subscribers providing 25 calling features and benefits at no extra cost.


Under moto “People Over Profit”, mission is to foster healthcare services based on compassionate care, accountability and sustainability. Using leading-edge tech to develop products that are affordable, high-quality, reliable and price transparent.

Figgers Foundation

Partnered with organizations across the United States and world. The programs and support focus on improving quality of education in schools as well as providing adequate support for susceptible individuals, families and children in the United States.